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Education Welfare Priority Support Program

Schools with a large number of students from vulnerable social groups are selected and intensive support is provided to them to increase education/culture/welfare level and close the educational gap.
Who is eligible?
  • Target
    • Support is provided to ‘priority support students’ attending a school with a large number of students from vulnerable social groups.
    • The support is given to a person who falls under the categories below and whom the head of the school participating in the project recognizes as requiring educational support.
      • A person eligible for educational allowances
      • Children from near-poverty families
      • Children of families with single parents who are eligible for protection
      • Children of multicultural families
      • Person eligible for special education
      • Other students as determined by superintendent
  • Selection Criteria
    • Schools are selected by the municipal and provincial offices of education, taking account of relevant factors such as the regional circumstances and the number and proportion of eligible students.
      • Ex) Schools with at least 40 ‘priority support students’ etc
What benefits are offered?
  • Benefits
    • Project-affiliated schools provide eligible students with full-blown supports in learning linked to the school curriculum, culture & experience, psychology & emotion, and childcare & welfare.
    • The main areas of support are as follows:
      • (Learning) Programs to strengthen basic academic skills in connection with the school curriculum and to compensate/prevent for deficiency in learning
        ⇒ Ex) One-on-one tutoring, after-school programs, summer/winter camps, mentoring by college students, etc.
      • (Cultural experience) Field-trip programs to resolve the lack of opportunities for cultural experiences and provide first-hand learning experiences
        ⇒ Ex) Art exhibitions, festivals, camps, clubs, volunteer work, museum and art gallery tours, etc.
      • (Psychological and emotional well-being) Tailored counseling and psychological therapy to help students develop a healthy ego and mitigate maladjustments
        ⇒ Ex) Student counseling, psychological tests and therapy, school maladjustment prevention program, etc.
      • (Welfare) Integrated protection and support system for students in connection with their respective schools, families and local communities
        ⇒ Ex) Dental and ophthalmologic treatments, provision of school supplies, home visits, snack allowance, etc.
How can I apply?
  • Application
    • Apply to the school that the student is enrolled in..
  • Procedures
    • Applications are reviewed and approved through the following process:
      • 1 Initial Consultation and Service Application

        Apply at the school that the student is enrolled in.

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The above welfare services are as of 2018. (Ministry of Education, Education and Welfare Policy Division)

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