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Vulnerable Families Support Program
(Program to Improve Family

This program aims to offer services to help vulnerable families or families in crisis
come together and overcome difficulties as a family unit and gain independence both emotionally and financially.
Who is eligible for the program?
  • Eligible candidates
    • Vulnerable families, families in crisis, families facing emergencies and families going through divorce
      • Vulnerable families/families in crisis: single-parent families, grandparent-headed families, single-father families, multicultural families, families of North Korean defectors and other families who need support to function as a family and restore their family bonds
      • Families facing emergencies: families suffering from domestic violence, divorce, suicide, death, accidents or a financial/social crisis
      • Families with parents who have filed for divorce
  • Selection criteria
    • Vulnerable families and families in crisis with grandchildren/children whose total amount of health insurance premiums paid is below the amount paid by households with income less than 72% of the national median
      • Priority is given to low-income families and families not receiving welfare services from the National Basic Living Security system who have shown a strong desire to be self-reliant.
      • Candidates who require case management based on the results of initial counselling, case management meetings and evaluation by the case selection committee
      • In accordance with the Special Act on Remedy for Damage Caused by the April 16 Sewol Ferry Disaster, Assistance Therefor, etc., victims who are minors whose parents or guardians are deceased or there is uncertainty as to whether such guardians have survived or departed are to receive learning/emotional support and support for educational/cultural programs.
    • The following families facing emergencies will be selected for the program:
      • Families for whom emergency support is deemed necessary due to a crisis
      • Candidates selected for case management who have experienced an emergency
        ※ Families that require immediate intervention will receive emergency service first to ensure the safety of the family, after which they will be categorized as candidates for case management.
    • Parents and children who are going through a divorce or divorce suit
What kind of benefits can I receive?
  • Scope of program
    • Counselling, educational program, etc. to ensure that the recipients are able to function as a family
    • Counselling and medical financial assistance for the families of victims (victims facing emergencies) of sexual abuse, school violence, disasters, etc.
    • In the case of low-income, single-parent families and grandparent-headed families, learning assistants and housekeepers will be dispatched, and support will be provided for housing improvement projects, such as redoing the wallpaper.
How do I apply for the program?
  • How to apply
    • You can visit, call or send an application via regular mail to a local Healthy Home Support Center.
  • Selection process
    • The selection process is as follows:
    • 1 Counselling
      & application

      Receive counselling at
      a local Healthy Home
      Support Center and
      apply for the program.

    • 2 Verification
      & evaluation

      The local Healthy Home
      Support Center assesses
      the facts and evaluates
      whether to offer the

    • 3 Final selection

      The local Healthy Home
      Support Center decides
      whether the applicant is
      eligible to receive the

    • 4 Start of service

      The local Healthy Home
      Support Center provides
      the service.

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The programs above are up to date as of 2019.(Family Support Division, Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)

Last updated: 08-03-2019

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