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Support for Migrant Youth

Under this policy, consultation and career development programs are provided to youths from multicultural families and migrant backgrounds to easily adapt to the Korean society.
Who is eligible?
  • Target

    Programs are offered to support adolescents from multicultural families, young North Korean defectors, and foreign-born adolescents who have moved to Korea as one of their parents married or re-married to a Korean national.

What benefits are offered?
  • Benefits
    • Programs are free of charge and are as follows.
      * The participants of permanent programs may be required to pay for additional expenses such as meal expenses.
      • Early Adaptation of Immigrant Youths: Rainbow Schools (23 nationwide schools, all-day and weekend programs, etc.)
      • Career Development of Immigrant Youths: Rainbow Jobs, Catch My Jobs
      • Adaptation and Self-help of Young North Korean Defectors: Cross-cultural immersion program (4 times a year, 2 days and 1 night), Let’s Play Classmates (1st of every other month)
      • Multicultural Awareness Improvement Program: Multicultural sensitivity promotion program (Approaching, 7 regions, 350 sessions)
    • Cross-cultural immersion program (Four times a year, 2 days and 1 nights))
    • Let’s Play, Classmates (Every other month, the 1th)
    • Mujigae (Rainbow) Job Ara, Catch My Job
    • Multicultural Sensitivity Promotion Program
How can I apply?
  • Application
    • Apply online, by phone or in person at the Rainbow Youth Center
  • Approval Procedures
    • Applications are reviewed and approved through the following process:
    • 1 Consultation and
      Service Application

      Visit the Rainbow Youth Center to receive consultation and apply for the service.

    • 2 Fact Checking
      and Review

      Fact checking and review is performed by the Rainbow Youth Center.

    • 3 Service Approval

      The Rainbow Youth Center determines whether to provide the service to the applicant.

    • 4 Service Provision

      Service is provided by the Rainbow Youth Center.

More questions?

The above welfare services are as of 2018. (Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, Division of Out-of-School Youth Support)

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