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Environmental Disease Prevention Program for Vulnerable Groups

Under this policy, the pollutants in the indoor environment of residential space of social minority groups and seniors are diagnosed and environmental health services are provided by consulting.
Who is eligible?
  • Targets
    • Diagnosis and consulting of pollutants (harmful factors) in living environment and eco-friendly residential improvement are provided to social minority groups (general social minority households and households of children with environmental diseases).
    • This policy is intended for 1,000 households in social minority groups and 700 households with children suffering environmental diseases that are subject to change in reflection of the number of applicants.
      Social Minority Groups: Low income families such as beneficiaries of basic living cost, single-parent families, families of children raised by grandparents, multicultural families, senior citizens living alone, families with handicapped person, etc.
  • Selection Criteria
    • For improvement of residential environment, by comprehensively considering the feasibility, urgency and improvement effect, the indoor environmental diagnostic result (40 scores) and general household information (60 scores) are combined (100 scores) for the selection committee* to select the final households.
      * The selection committee consists of five persons or more from advisory members, CSR personnel, local governments and executing organizations.
      In order to be selected as the policy target, you must apply at the Environmental Policy Division or the Environmental Management Division of the provincial government or city hall in the domicile.
What benefits are offered?
  • Benefits
    • Diagnosis and consulting of living environment are provided.
      • Health services for living environment such as diagnosis and consulting of 6 pollutants in indoor environment (TVOC, formaldehyde, PM, CO2, mould and dust mite).
    • Eco-friendly indoor residential area improvement is provided.
      • Improvement of indoor residential environment by using eco-friendly wallpaper, flooring and paint, etc.
      • Projects to improve the indoor environments of vulnerable groups will be undertaken by the departments of housing environment improvement of local governments. The Ministry of Environment will undertake projects to improve the living spaces of seniors. (Products used for both projects will be provided by sponsors.)
    • For children suffering from environmental diseases, free hospital treatments are provided.
      • In connection with environmental health center specialized in environmental diseases such as atopic skin, asthma and allergic rhinitis, free medical services are provided.
How can I apply?
  • Application
    • You can consult and apply for service at Environmental Policy Division of the city or province, or the city, county or district office under the Environmental Management Division.
    • Applications are reviewed and approved in the following procedures.
  • Procedures
    • 1Initial Consultation and
      Application for Service

      Get initial consultation and apply for service at the Environmental Policy Division (or Environmental Management Division) of the city or province, or the city, county or district office.

    • 2Investigation and

      Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute investigates and examines.

    • 3 Service Confirmation

      Ministry of Environment confirms service.

    • 4 Provision of Service

      Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute provide service.

More questions?

The above mentioned services are as of 2019. (Ministry of Environment, Environment Health Policy Division)

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