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Language Development Assistance Service for Children of Multi-culture Families

This policy assists systematic languagedevelopment of children from multi-culture families so that they can grow into healthy social members and global talents.
Who is eligible?
  • Targets
    • Supports children aged under 12 in multi-culture families who need language tests and education.
What benefits are offered?
  • Benefits
    • Children of multi-culture families are evaluated for language development status and children experiencing difficulty in communication are given proper language education.
How can I apply?
  • Application
    • You can apply by visiting Multi-culture Family Support Center or by phone.
  • Procedures
    • You can apply in the following procedures
    • 1 Initial Consultation and
      Service Application

      Visit Multi-culture Family Support Center for consultation and apply for service.

    • 2 Examination
      and Deliberation

      Multi-culture Family Support Center examines and deliberates.

    • 3 Service Confirmation

      Multi-culture Family Support Center determines services.

    • 4 Provide Service

      Multi-culture Family Support Center provides services.

More questions?

The above mentioned welfare services are as of 2018. (Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, Division of Multi-cultural Family Policy)

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