Welfare Information

We provide a guide to information on welfare services.

Child Care Services

If you have dual income or unexpectedly cannot look after your child, our public nanny visits your home to look after your child.
Who is eligible?
  • Targets
    • Government supports children under 12 of homes with parental gap. Homes without parental gap may use services at their own cost without subsidy.
    • Governmental supports are provided if families satisfy all requirements such as the age of child, parental gap due to employment status of parents and not overlapping governmental subsidies for childcare. The scope of governmental supports by service type varies according to household income level.
    • You will not be eligible if you’re already receiving childcare benefits, child tuition fees or home childcare allowances.
  • Selection Criteria
    • The age criteria of child vary according to service type.
      • Part-time Service: Child aged 3 months – 12 years
      • All-day Infant Service: Infant aged 3 months – 36 months
    • The criteria and priority in selecting homes with parental gap subject to governmental subsidy are:
      • ① Employed single-parent families or double-income families
      • ② Families with handicapped parent (Father or mother who is in charge of childcare at home is handicapped)
      • ③ Multi-child families
        - Three or more children aged under 12
        - Two or more children aged under 36 months
        - Child care assistance of non-handicapped child if two or more children including severely handicapped (classes 1 – 3) child
      • ④ Other childcare beneficiary families
        - If father or mother has provable illness requiring long term hospitalization
        - If father or mother is currently enrolled in school or preparing for employment (proof of evidence)
        - If mother gave birth to a baby and cannot look after other siblings
    • Supports are provided to families under 120% of median income. Graded supports are provided according to the income levels as per below.
    Part-time Childcare Families below 120% median income
    (Graded supports are given according to income levels. Only ‘A’ type is provided to children born before December 31, 2010.)
    ※ A Type: Children born after January 1, 2011 / B Type: Children born before December 31, 2010
    • A Type (Under 60% median income): Supports KRW 6,240 for A type and KRW 5,460 for B type
    • B Type (Under 85% median income): Supports KRW 3,900 for A type
    • C Type (Under 120% median income): Supports KRW 2,340 for A type
    All-day Infant Care Families under 120% median income (Graded supports according to income level)
    • A Type (Under 60% median income): Supports KRW 1,170,000 based on 200 hours/month
    • B Type (Under 85% median income): Supports KRW 858,000 based on 200 hours/month
    • C type (Under 120% median income): Supports KRW 546,000 based on 200 hours/month
    Base Income Level
    (Monthly Income Level of Family of Four)
    Family income levels are calculated based on patients’ share of the national health insurance cost.
    (Income levels of personnel employed in business sites uninsured for national health insurance shall be calculated separately.)
    • 60% Median Income: KRW 2,712,000
    • 85% Median Income: KRW 3,841,000
    • 120% Median Income: KRW 5,423,000
What benefits are offered?
  • Benefits
    • A public nanny visits homes of beneficiaries to provide childcareservices.
      • Part-time Childcare: Provides services such as temporary childcare until parents arrive, playing activities, accompanying children to and from childcare facilities and elementary schools, and taking care of meals and snacks.
        ※ During part-time infant care, all-day infant care services will be accompanied.
      • All-day Infant Care: Provides services such as feeding weaning food, sterilizing baby bottles, changing diapers and taking baths.
How can I apply?
  • Application
    • You can apply by visiting eup, myeon or dong community center or online.
    • If you don’t satisfy the requirements for government subsidy, join membership at Childcare homepage and apply at childcare center.
    • If you are double-income family insured for workplace insurances or single-parent family subject to protection, you can access Bokjiro homepage (online.bokjiro.go.kr) and submit application using your certificate authentication.
  • Application Procedure
    • You can apply in the following procedures.
    • 1 Apply for Services

      Apply by visiting eup, myeon or dong community centers or online.

    • 2 Investigation of Qualification
      (e.g. income level)

      Eup, myeon or dong community center examines and investigates the income levels and qualification.

    • 3 Confirmation/
      of Beneficiary

      Si, gun or gu office determines and notifies the beneficiary.

    • 4 Provide Services

      Designated service providers (e.g. Health Family Support Center) provide services.

More Questions?

The above mentioned welfare services are as of 2018. (Ministry of Gender Equality, Division of Family Support)