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Multicultural Family Support Program

Assistance is provided for multicultural families and marriage immigrants to help them adjust to life in the Korean society.
Who is eligible?
  • Target
    • Multicultural families and marriage immigrants who meet either of the following qualifications:
      • A family composed of a marriage migrant or a person who has acquired the nationality of the Republic of Korea as specified in Framework Act on Treatment of Foreigners Residing in the Republic of Korea
      • A family formed by marriage between an individual who has acquired Korean citizenship and an individual who has acquired Korean citizenship under the Nationality Act
What benefits are offered?
  • Benefits
    • Korean language education is systematically by stages to help the participants become familiarized with the everyday language and culture of Korea.
    • Comprehensive education for multicultural families is provided in a group or through home visit as follows:
      • Education to promote the understanding of expected family roles and family culture
      • Education to improve family relationships tailored for a specific family member, spouse, couple or children
      • Parenting education for marriage immigrants facing difficulties in child rearing due to language and cultural barriers
      • Childhood services for children from multicultural families to support their educational achievements, self-identity development, emotional well-being and social skills development
    • We provide counseling in seeking to improve the relationships between the couple and the parents and children in a multicultural family and thereby relieve family conflicts and promote family health.
    • There are volunteer group programs and self-help meetings available for multicultural families.
    • Employment-linked program is operated and education is provided considering regional characteristic and demand of marriage immigrants for participation of multicultural families in economic activities.
    • A service delivery system is put in place and service providers are linked together to ensure that multicultural family support programs in the community are run in an integrated, systematic and efficient manner.
How can I apply?
  • Application
    • Visit city hall or gun/gu office and apply.
More questions?

The above welfare services are as of 2018. (Ministry of the Gender Equality & Family, Division of Multicultural Family Policy)

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