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Green Personal Computer of Love

“Green personal computers of love” are provided free-of-charge to the disabled, multicultural families, North Korean defectors and others with poor access to ICT as a way to strengthen their ICT utilization skills and minimize digital divide.
Who is eligible?
  • Target
    • Individuals: People with disabilities, recipients of welfare services, young breadwinners, citizens of national merit, marriage migrants, etc.
    • Institutions: Senior centers, orphanages, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, social welfare centers, etc.
  • Selection Criteria
    • Green Computers of Love are given free-of-charge to people with disabilities, seniors, young breadwinners, multicultural families and North Korean defectors.
      ※ Computers are given after checking through Green Computer of Love Integrated Management System whether the potential recipient has already enjoyed the benefit of the program. (Previous beneficiaries of this program cannot reapply for this program within one year of participating.)
      ※ No action necessary on the part of the beneficiary
What benefits are offered?
  • Benefits

    Green personal computers of Love (refurbished used computers) are provided free-of-charge.

How can I apply?
  • Application
    • Applicants may apply by visiting the eup / myeon / dong community center in the domicile or online on Green PC of Love website.☞ Go to Green PC of Love website.
      ※ Application period can vary by city / province (local government).
      ※ Application may be closed early if there is high demand for supply within the application period.
      ※ Computers are distributed after reviewing the application form and evidence. Beneficiaries are selected in the order of application.
  • Procedures
    • Applications are reviewed and approved in the following procedures.
    • 1 Apply for Service

      Apply for service at the National Information Society Agency (in Metropolitan cities and provinces and some cities, counties and districts)

    • 2 Eligibility Review

      The applicant’s eligibility is reviewed by Metropolitan cities and provinces, and some cities, counties and districts.

    • 3 Selection of Beneficiaries

      Eligible applicants are selected by Metropolitan cities and provinces, and some cities, counties and districts.

    • 4 Provision of Personal

      Personal computers are supplied by the National Information Society Agency.

More questions?

The above welfare services are as of 2019. (Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, Division of Cyber Security Support)

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