Welfare services at a glance

We provide a guide to information on welfare services.

Supports to Local Child Centers

This program provides comprehensive welfare services to ensure that local children have safe places to receive care after school. These services include: protection, education, safe and wholesome games and entertainment, and networking with members of the local community for the children’s guardians.
Who is eligible?
  • Targets
    • Supports are targeted to children in households of income levels below 100% median income based on household size who attend elementary school and middle school.
    • Supports are provided if any of the following household requirements is satisfied.
      • Beneficiaries of livelihood, medical, residential and educational supports according to the National Basic Living Security Act
      • Children of households relevant to any of the following including low income families
      • Children of multicultural families according to Paragraph 1 Article 2 of the Multicultural Families Support Act
      • Children of households with registered handicapped according to the Welfare of Disabled Persons Act
      • Children of grandparent-headed families (Households consisting only of grandparents and grandchildren based on the household size criteria)
      • Children of single-parent families (Single-parent families according to the Single-Parent Family Support Act as well as families consisting of mother and child or father and child)
      • Children of multi-child families with 3 or more children (3 or more children under the resident registration irrelevant of the children’s age)
      • Children of double-income families
What benefits are offered?
  • Benefits
    • We provide caring services through local child centers.
How can I apply?
  • Application
    • You can submit application to the eup / myeon / dong community center or the local child center in the domicile.
  • Procedures
    • Supports are provided in the following procedures.
    • 1 Application for Services

      Apply for services to eup / myeon / dong community centers or local child center.

    • 2 Check Eligibility

      City, county or district office or the Dream Start Center checks eligibility.

    • 3 Confirm Beneficiary

      City, county or district office or the Dream Start Center determines beneficiary.

    • 4 Provision of Services

      The local child center provides caring services.

More questions?

The above mentioned welfare services are as of 2019. (Ministry of Health and Welfare, Division of Child and Youth Rights)

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