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Mother and Newborn Baby Health Management Support Policy

A professionally trained health manager for mother and newborn baby visits child-born families to help restore health of mother and look after newborn baby to reduce their economic burden.
Who is eligible?
  • Targets
    • This policy supports mothers who are 40 days before (expected) birth or 30 days after birth whose combined health insurance cost with the spouse is under 80% of the median income of nationwide households.
      • Even if a mother exceeds the income level, special households may be applicable* depending on local government policies. (For details of eligibility requirements at local governments, inquire at health center in the jurisdiction.)
        * Rare incurable diseases, handicapped, North Korean defectors, marriage immigrants, single mothers, households with twins or three or more children, child-born families below 100% median income level.
    • Judging criteria for 80% of median income level based on deductibles of national insurance
      Household Size Workplace Insurers Local Insurers Combined (Workplace + Insurers)
      2people KRW 71,374 KRW 59,490 KRW 71,788
      3people KRW 92,410 KRW 95,295 KRW 93,448
      4people KRW 112,792 KRW 126,198 KRW 114,241
      5people KRW 133,811 KRW 153,025 KRW 135,662
      6people KRW 156,121 KRW 176,921 KRW 158,193
      7people KRW 176,657 KRW 197,937 KRW 179,545
      8people KRW 198,786 KRW 221,190 KRW 202,519
    • Stillbirths and miscarriages past 16 weeks of pregnancy are also applicable.
What benefits are offered?
  • Benefits
    • The voucher period varies by the type of newborn baby and order of birth. The order of birth means the order in the household such as the first, second or third child instead of the order of births given by the mother.
      • Example 1: If the first birth was given to twins → Relevant to second child
      • Example 2: If mother gave birth to a single baby and gave births to twins or vice versa → Relevant to third child or more
    • Mother and newborn baby’s health manager visits child-born households for a certain period of time to assist postnatal care. The health management service vouchers for mother and newborn babies shall be given as per below.
      • Single Baby: Fist child (10 days), second child (15 days), third child or more (15 days)
      • Twins: Second child (15 days), third child or more (20 days)
      • Triple or more and Severely Handicapped Mother: 20 days
      • Based on the standard service durations, the service period may be decreased or increased by 5 days
How can I apply?
  • Application
  • Procedures
    • You can apply in the following procedures.
    • 1 Apply for Services

      Apply by visiting health center in the jurisdiction or online (Bokjiro).

    • 2 Investigation and Deliberation

      Health center investigates

    • 3 Provision of Services

      Qualifying private service providers in cities, counties and districts provide services.

The above mentioned welfare services are as of 2018 (Ministry of Health and Welfare, Social Services Projects Division).

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