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Education Service for Multicultural Families from Visiting Staff

Staff visits multicultural families that find it hard to participate in collective education to provide Korean language teaching, parental education, and a general guide to children’s life and help the settlement of multicultural families and the upbringing of their children
Who is eligible?
  • Targets
    • Korean language teaching service from visiting staff supports marriage migrants who entered the country less than 5 years ago* or children who return in the middle of their overseas stay**.
      * Even if more than 5 years have passed since a person entered the country, those who have valid reasons such as pregnancy, child birth, or employment may apply through consultation with the head of the local government.
      ** Only those children of a couple of interracial remarriage who enter the country following their parents due to change to their status caused by their parents’ marriage after growing in foreign countries.
    • Parental education service from visiting staff is provided for the different stages of a person’s life cycle such as pregnancy, new born, infancy, and childhood.
    • A guide to children’s life from visiting staffis provided for the children of multicultural families or those children who entered the country in the middle of their life abroad who are 3 to 12 years old.
    • It is impossible for a person to receive all of the Korean language teaching, parental education, and guide to children’s life at the same time. One may not simultaneously receive similar services provided by other agencies in the region.
  • Selection Criteria
    • Person below are eligible for the guide to children’s life for free.
      • A person from a multicultural family who collects family care allowance because the person lives on islands or in remote areas.
      • Recipient of living, medical, residential, and educational allowance, and a person near poverty who is eligible for exemption of the person’s due.
      • A person whose income is 60% or under of standard median income (by applying the person’s portion of the health insurance premium due to the household).
    • Visiting instructor visits a multicultural family to provideKorean language teaching, parental education, and a general guide to children’s life.
      • Korean language teaching service: one-on-one Korean language teaching from visiting instructor.
      • Parental education service: single-session education for respective stages of a person’s life cycle (pregnancy, new born, infancy, childhood).
      • General guide to children’s life: support and guidance for children’s school life and development of sociality.
    • Korean language teaching and parental education services are provided for free.
    • For the guide to children’s life, a recipient’s due is charged in varying mounts according to the median income standard, excepting those eligible for free support.
How can I apply?
  • Application
    • An applicant for a guide to children’s life should visit the community service center to apply.
    • For Korean language teaching service and parental education service, you can apply by visiting Multicultural Family Support Center across the country.
More questions?

The above mentioned welfare services are as of 2018. (Ministry of Health and Welfare, Division of Child and Youth Rights)

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