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Child Allowance

This policy reduces the burden of raising children aged under 7 and assists basic rights and welfare of children (To be enforced in September 2018).
Who is eligible?
  • Targets
    • Child allowances are given to children aged between 0 and 6 (0 – 71 months) from households with recognized income levels below the selection standard.
      (Starting Sept. 2019, the maximum age of recipients will be increased to include children up to the age of 84 months, just before they enter elementary school.)
    • The nationality and resident registration requirements are as per below.
      • Supports are provided to children with Korean nationality.
        · Supports are provided to children with Korean nationality even if parents are foreigners.
        · Including person with multiple nationality residing in Korea.
        · Including refugee children approved according to the Article 18 of the Displaced Persons Act.
      • Supports are provided to children with normal resident registration number according to the Resident Registration Law.
  • Selection Criteria
    • Child allowances are given to children of households below 90% of the income levels of all households with two or more people.
      • For single-parent families or single-grandparent families, increase the household size by 1.
      • For children-only families, increase the household size by 2.
      • For households with 7 or more people, add KRW 2.66 million to the selection standard amount for every 1 person in the household.
      Child Allowance
      Division 3 People 4 People 5 People 6 People
      Amount (Month) KRW 11.7 million KRW 14.36 million KRW 17.02 million KRW 19.68 million
    • Supports are provided if the recognized income level of the household is below the selection standard.
      The recognized income level is a sum of the appraised income and the converted income of asset as per below.
      • Appraised Income = Total income (before tax) – Multi-child deduction – Double-income deduction.
      • Converted Income of Asset = (Total asset – Regional deduction – debts) x Income conversion rate of asset of 1.04%/month.
        * Multi-child Deduction: KRW 650,000/child from second child
        * Double-income Deduction: 25% of combined income of couple (Limited to under the income of a spouse, whichever is lower)
      • Refer to the example for double-income deduction (draft).
        * Regional Deduction: KRW 135 million in special metropolitan cities, KRW 85 million in cities, and KRW 72.5 million in counties
      • Refer to the example for double-income deduction
        Division Husband Wife Total Income Double-income
        Example 1 KRW 5 million / month KRW 5 million / month KRW 10 million / month KRW 2.5 million / month KRW 7.5 million / month
        Example 2 KRW 8 million / month KRW 2 million / month KRW 10 million / month KRW 2 million / month KRW 8 million / month

What benefits are offered?
  • Benefits
    • Child allowances are to be enforced in September 2018. Total KRW 100,000 per child will be paid on every 25th(or the day before if 25th falls on Saturday, Sunday or national holiday).
      ※ For some households with relatively high income levels, KRW 50,000 will be paid per child
    • If the child on the child allowances stays overseas for 90 days or longer, the allowances will be suspended.
      ※ Child allowances will be given irrelevant of the beneficiary status of other welfare allowances such as the childcare subsidies and child raising allowances if the beneficiary satisfies the age, income and property requirements, etc
How can I apply?
  • Application
    • The parent or a guardian applies at the eup / myeon / dong community center in the domicile.
    • Apply online(online.bokjiro.go.kr) on the Bokjiro website or using the mobile application.
    • Online applications can only be made if the guardian of the child is the parent. Otherwise, applications can only be made by visiting in person.
    • The applicant and household members can electronically sign. The submission date of the application shall be the application date.
  • Application Period
    • You can apply anytime after registering for the birth of the child.
    • When you apply for the child allowances within 60 days (including birth date) from birth, retroactive payments from the month of the birth will be given.
    • Submission of advance application begins from June 20, 2018. However, even if you apply during the advance application period, allowances will be given from September.

Application Procedure
  • Applications are submitted in the following procedures.

    • 1 Consultation and Submission of Application

      Apply at the eup / myeon / dong community center or online on Bokjiro website.

    • 2 Investigation of Income and Asset

      Comprehensive investigation team of the city, county or district performs investigation.

    • 3Confirmation and Notification of Beneficiary

      Beneficiaries are confirmed and notified by the comprehensive investigation team.

    • 4 Provision of Child Allowance

      Every 25th (or the day before if 25th falls on weekend or national holiday)

More Questions?

The above mentioned welfare services are as of 2019 (Ministry of Health and Welfare, Child Welfare Policy Division).

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